Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Too long...

...but better (super) late than never, I guess. Here's something to freshen things up around here:

Just a sketch from last week's Drawing Club. I dub her 'Lady Fishlips'. After almost 3 hours of drawing, I finally stopped caring about making a decent drawing and just started having fun (or maybe it was the fatigue of sitting in a crowded, stuffy studio for so long). I'm way too rusty... ...anyway, more posts and project updates soon!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sara

I have a request for using your image of the Inuit goddess of the sea - Sedna.

The image will be part of an exibition about greenland conveyed by architects in denmark.

You will be credited by name. Is this ok with you?

Kind redards

Mads Lassen

Sara Jerzykowski said...
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Sara Jerzykowski said...

Hello Mads,

Could you please send me an email with more information about this exhibition? This link will take you to my contact info:


Thank you!