Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update: COMIC CON 2011!!

First of all, sorry for my unintended hiatus from this blog. Needless to say, the last year+ has been BUSY. But that's for another post...

ANYWAY, I've been involved in a number of projects in the past year, all of which I will be exhibiting at Comic Con this year! If you're interested (or just want to say hi), swing by Rankinstein/Mathom House's booth #1945.

Here we go!

I was lucky enough to be involved with two of Tiki Machine's publications, "Monster Mythos" and "Deus Libris".

"Deus Libris" is a compilation art book of deities from around the world.
I contributed pieces for the Inuit sea goddess, Sedna, as well as the Norse Valkyries. "Monster Mythos" is a companion compilation book which contains mythic creatures from different cultures. I submitted a Native American monster/dragon, the Piasa Bird.

I've also been collaborating on some projects with mastermind Greg Rankin.

Here are a couple of pages from Greg's comic "Codename Hart" that I colored last June (all pencils, ink and text are by Greg):

As an accessory to the comic, we hand cast and painted actual flight pins. The first batch completely sold out last year at SDCC, and Greg graciously let me go a little crazy with painting a limited amount of pins for this year's Con.
The main batch of pins will be the solid gold that's displayed on the bottom of the group, so be sure to stop by early if you want one!

And last but certainly not least, I've been helping out on Greg's newest project, Steampunk Poker!

Here is the full, open kit in all of it's glory. All of the gear chips were hand sculpted, cast, and painted. Also included are customized card decks, a list of card hand hierarchies, all of which are contained in the super awesome hand painted boxes to tote it on all of your airship adventures:

A close up on the kit exteriors (and yes, all of the detailing was hand sculpted, cast, and painted, too):

A sample of some of the face cards in the deck (all artwork was done by Greg). We'll have individual card decks for sale as well.

Here's my small contribution to the deck, the Queen of Diamonds:

So yeah, that's been keeping me busy! If you're attending SDCC, please stop by booth #1945 and say hello!

(...and once Comic Con is over, I'll be updating this blog on a regular basis...)


Jesse said...

Wahooooooo!!!! Really great work Sara! I can't wait to see the entire Deity piece! The Steampunk Poker Kits look absolutely amazing. xoxo

Rankinstein said...

Never has so much work been so much FUN. :)

Anonymous said...

Sara, absolutely beautiful. Good example of hard work pays off... now you guys might get a little sleep! Mom